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Planting guides are resources that provide information about how to plant and grow specific types of plants, such as vegetables, flowers, or herbs. They typically include information about when to plant, how to prepare the soil, how deep to plant the seeds, and how to care for the plants as they grow.

Planting guides can be found online, in gardening books and magazines, or through local gardening organizations. They can be tailored to specific geographic regions and climates, which can be helpful for ensuring that plants are well-suited to local growing conditions.

Some common information found in planting guides may include:

Soil preparation: Information about how to prepare the soil for planting, including how to test soil pH, amend the soil with organic matter, and ensure proper drainage.

Planting instructions: Guidance on how deep to plant the seeds, how much space to leave between plants, and how to protect plants from pests and disease.

Watering and fertilizing: Information about how much water and fertilizer the plants need, and how often to water and fertilize.

Harvesting and storage: Guidance on when to harvest the plants, how to store them, and how to prepare them for consumption.

Using a planting guide can be helpful for novice and experienced gardeners alike, as it can provide valuable information about how to grow healthy and productive plants. By following the recommendations in a planting guide, gardeners can increase their chances of success and enjoy a bountiful harvest.